Below are short video segments extracted from the main program.

Watch Samuel Teo shared about his love, his passion, his reason for painting only roses, his struggle in overcoming the fear of not being able to paint and how he overcame the odds as he faced crisis one after another. Samuel also  talked about the impact of SARS, as the program was aired during the SARS infectious period in May 2003.

(The original full CNA version runs for approx. 15 minutes which covers SARS related issues and comments).

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Samuel Teo paints with a purpose, to spread love. He is the only artist in Singapore to paint only one subject, roses. Hear Samuel Teo shared about life, love and his passion for painting roses .

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The painting "Still small voice" was conceived for a joint exhibition with a few local artists in late 2002 but the event was delayed, and Samuel was too busy to put the idea on canvas until now.. Hear Samuel shared about this painting . . .

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See some of Samuel's works currently on display at his shop.

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Samuel Teo has aspired to be an artist since the age of eight but with no parental encouragement to fulfill it, he graduated in Business Administration and later took a master degree in Divinity. After working in  several administartive jobs, he ended up as a Pastor for 6 years. In 1995, he resigned from the Church to realise his passion for painting.
Hear Samuel shared about his initial struggle to realise his passion . .

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How much has the Iraq war and SARS affected Samuel's business. Hear Samuel shared about it . .

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While Samuel believes in the healing power of love, he is also mindful of its ugly side. Samuel shared about SARS issue, . . . 

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While fear paralyses, courage empowers. Among the three paintings Samuel has refused to sell for sentimental reason, is this painting. It is his only piece of work that departs from his signature theme, the rose. Find out why?

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Samuel shared about how to response to crisis, difficult time, . . . and to conquer them.

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This is the full ChannelNewAsia documentary "Light In Darkness" aired locally on May 2003, which is during the SARS infectious period. Samuel expressed his thanks and gratitude to ChannelNewAsia and staff for their recognition of his works and opportunity to share his thoughts through this channel.

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