Enjoy the art of painting with Samuel.

Courses - conducted for adults only.

   The weekly schedule for the oil painting classes are as follows:     

   Thurs & Fri  

10:00am  - 12 nn,
2:30pm   -  4:30pm
7:30pm   -  9:30pm

+  All the classes are currently in progress  

+  Anyone can join in anytime as long as there is a  vacancy in any of the session.  

+  Each class is limited to 6 persons  

+  Every student progresses at his/her own rate  

+  Each class consists of people
who are at different level  of progress.  

+  Each student must stick to his/her class schedule for the  duration of 12 lessons.

   Course Fee:

$800 for 12 lessons per course (payable outright upon registration).


"A full set of basic materials & accessories is available for  $300
(over & above the $700 course fee)  


  Course Content:

+ Emphasis on still life (flowers, fruits, vegetables, objects).
   Scenery as and when.

+ Composition, shapes & shades
   (tone, highlights, shadows, textures),  colour harmony, brushstrokes

+ Developing keen sense of observation

+ Focus, essential character, details

+ Developing personal style.


+ Attention to individual's potential

+ Dependent on artistic flair

+ Amount of homework/practices

+ Encouraged to bring works for critics


Course Instructor:

Samuel has been painting as a hobby for more than 20 years before his entry as a full-time artist in 1995. Since then he has been painting roses which have become his signature mark and for which he is known. He has the rare privilege of owning his art gallery in the heart of Orchard Road where he exhibits/sells mainly his own works.


TripleOne Somerset, #02-04, 111, Somerset Road, Singapore 238164

Note:  For registration/enquiry, please call Samuel
at Tel: 67331026, Hp: 65-82282555
Email: firstluv@singnet.com.sg

Visit FIRST LOVE at TripleOne Somerset, #02-04, 111, Somerset Road, Singapore 238164 Tel: 67331026, Hp: 65-82282555